Slip & Fall


"Slip and fall" is a term used for a personal injury case in which a person slips or trips and is injured in a fall on someone else's property. These cases are also known as "premises liability" claims. Slip and fall accidents usually occur on property (or "premises") owned or maintained by someone else, and the property owner may be held legally responsible, for creating the dangerous condition that led to the accident in which you were injured.

There are many dangerous conditions that can cause someone to slip and be injured; like snow or ice on a sidewalk, uneven pavement, torn carpeting, changes in flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairs, or a wet floor. This is also true if someone trips on a broken or cracked public sidewalk, on a pothole, or falls down a flight of stairs.

In any event, the person who fell must have sustained some kind of injury, however minor, in order to successfully bring a claim. We’ve recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for injured New Mexicans.