Hit and Run


Hit and runs are situations in which the other driver in your accident knowingly fails to stop, and leaves the scene of the accident. If you have been involved in such an accident, call Rich & Jon to get a free consultation from experienced hit and run lawyers.

After an accident, New Mexico law requires that the involved drivers stop and exchange information with each other, including their names, insurance information, and driver’s license numbers, and to ensure that neither party needs critical medical attention. Even if the crash occurred with an unattended vehicle, the individual responsible for the collision is required to make an attempt to contact the owner, identify himself or herself, and inform them of what occurred. Failure to do so could subject the offending driver to civil and/or criminal penalties.

If the other driver in your accident was using a company vehicle, you may be able to hold their employer liable for damages, so long as the employee was acting in the course of his or her employment. You also have the right to take action against the owner of the company, if he or she gave the offender permission to use their vehicle.

Experienced hit and run lawyers will use your account of the accident to make the strongest claim possible. They will also investigate your accident fully, to ensure that you get the most money possible for your claim.